Write Away, Dear

This was taken from the Farmer’s Almanac 2011

“In major cities in the 19th and 20th centuries people sent so many letters that mail was delivered up to seven times a day. Invitations and replies, congratulations and thanks, and condolences sped in every direction across the nation.

Traditionally a correspondence began with a salutation (“My dear Mr. So-and-so”) and ended with complimentary closing- “Cordially yours, “Sincerely yours”, or the like.

Today, if you want to receive a letter, send a gift- and include a self-addressed stamped envelope: Only half of us report that we send a thank-you note.

If you write a letter, start it with “Dear”. Paper correspondence that doesn’t include that word seems curt. Omitting such niceties on an e-mail or instant messaging, however is perfectly acceptable.”

Ok, who likes and still writes letter on a regular basis ? Since my mother-in-law’s passing I write less letters. She used to fill me in on the comings and goings in the litte upstate New York town of Oneonta, near Cooperstown where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located. We used to share info about the latest books we read in our prospective book clubs.

I do try to send thank you notes to those who have hosted wonderful social functions, cocktail parties, etc… Once in a while I find some time to drop a line on some nice stationary to my parents. Having pretty boxed stationary around the house also inspires me to write notes to friends and relatives.

Is the hand writing of a letter a lost art ? Certainly in the era of Jane Austen alot of this correspondence was very common. She talks about it and the complexities of English society in many of her books.

What are your thoughts ? Here is a cute blog post I liked from the Farmer’s Almanac 2012. http://www.farmersalmanac.com/blog/2012/03/23/things-that-make-you-smile/comment-page-1/#comment-29085


Do You Follow These Rules of Tea Etiquette ?

Pick up your cup and saucer together holding the saucer in one hand and the cup in the other.

When stirring your tea avoid making noises by touching the sides of the cup.

Never leave your spoon in your cup and avoid sipping tea from your spoon

Milk should be poured into the cup after the tea

Lemon slices should be neatly placed in the teacup after the tea has been poured.

I decided to check some of the movies where tea service plays a big part to see if they do any of this.  The first movie I checked was Tea with Mussolini.  Check out this trailier for the movie and see if notice anything.


Maggie Smith does hold up her teacup and saucer. I guess that is how it is done.

Love the cast- Maggie Smith, Judy Dench, Cher, Lily Tomlin.  Known as the “Scorpiones” they were colorful figures that had an influence in Italian society in Florence during WWII.  Great film ! You have to watch it !